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PRODUCT : E-Pondliners

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Take the stress out of your Farm Dairy Effluent management. Together with our strategic partners, we can design, construct and commission an effluent management system to meet your needs now and for the foreseeable future.

Case Study:

Farm Dairy Effluent management solution, from start to finish


Gary Foidl, Dairy Farmer at Renown, West of Huntly.


Gary had decided to move forward in his protection of the environment from his activities. He decided that the best way to achieve this was by upgrading his effluent storage system to a sealed effluent pond of the appropriate size, thus enabling him to have better control over his application of Farm Dairy Effluent, ensuring the maximum benefit of nutrients to the soil whilst greatly reducing the risk of leaching and run-off. After visiting the site with Gary we came up with a plan to meet his needs.

E-Pondz Delivery:

Once the plan was agreed upon, we began by clearing topsoil off the site to replace later, and then set about the excavation of the effluent pond. Stringent quality control was adhered to throughout excavation to ensure a quality end product. When excavation, including the installation of groundwater and gas drainage was complete we set about installing the pond lining. The pond lining firstly was given a layer of geo-textile to protect the rubber pond lining from any irregularities in the surface. We then proceeded to lay and join sheets of Firestone EPDM Geo-membrane.

The storage system was fully commissioned once stone traps and piping were installed between the new effluent pond and dairy shed.

Client Feedback

“I found E-pondz easy to talk to & discuss what needed to be done. They were flexible & professional & did a good job. The quote for the job was very reasonable & I would use them again.

I have no hesitation in recommending the firm to anybody else.”

- Gary Foidl